Stimulants have the ability to push our bodies past their normal limits.

The appeal is obvious for many people. With stimulants, you lose inhibitions and feel endless confidence. It can enable you to dance all night, have marathon sex sessions, lose weight with no effort, meet work deadlines that normally you wouldn’t… it all sounds like the perfect arrangement for many people. But, of course, there’s a serious downside. Addiction to stimulants is widespread, and stimulants drug rehab has become more important with every passing day. If you or a loved one are in need of stimulants drug rehab treatment, you need to read this information very carefully.

Stimulants: What Are They Exactly?

Stimulants can either illegal drugs like cocaine, meth and MDMA (aka: ecstasy), or they can be legal substances like caffeine, nicotine or prescription medications like Adderall and Ritalin. All of these drugs share properties causing increased alertness, increased energy, better attention and an elevated mood.

Although they have legitimate uses like battling attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall have many negative effects. Unfortunately, illegal use is on the rise. Whether injected, snorted, smoked or swallowed, stimulants addiction has lead to the need for effective stimulants drug rehab.

How Addictive Are Stimulants?

Unfortunately, stimulants are extremely addictive. Even one use can set addiction in motion for some people. As addiction progresses, users build a tolerance to the stimulant, which means they need to take more to achieve a “high.” Eventually, even the high becomes elusive. At that point, taking the drug is necessary just to keep from feeling ill. Things that users previously found pleasurable, such as eating, socializing or sex, now fade into the background as the drug becomes a greater focus in their daily lives. Such a situation means that users need a men’s or women’s rehab program.

Stimulants Affect the Brain and Body

The central nervous system is directly affected by stimulants. When that happens, feel-good chemicals like dopamine begin to flood the brain. At that point, cell communication gets disrupted, which causes a euphoric high. Along with that high come many negative effects that necessitate stimulants drug rehab, such as:

Elevated blood pressure

Dangerously high body temperature

Irregular heart rate


Frequent insomnia


Deficiencies in nutrition


When the doses become higher, worse symptoms begin to emerge, such as:



Heart failure


To make matter worse, the effects are enhanced when users combine the stimulant with something like alcohol or some over-the-counter medications.

When the stimulant is actually a legal substance, many users fool themselves by believing that since they are legal, they can’t be dangerous. At the same time, the drug is interfering with their ability to make sound judgements, which further complicates the situation. When users can no longer control their cravings for stimulants, it’s time for stimulants drug rehab treatment.

Treating Addiction at a Stimulants Drug Rehab Center

As it gets more and more difficult to procure the stimulants they crave, users quickly become secretive and manipulative as they steal and lie to get more drugs. Some don’t even notice they are doing this. Others notice but are so consumed by their addiction that they don’t let it bother them. In the process, friends begin to disappear, jobs get harder to hold and life becomes little more than trying to find the next hit. It is this desperate lifestyle that makes stimulants drug rehab treatment so important.

Whether you or a loved one suffers from an addiction to meth, cocaine, or Adderall, there is hope with stimulants drug rehab. The physical withdrawal symptoms, and particularly the psychological symptoms make seeking professional help a necessity. Rehab treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, one-on-one therapy and group therapy are important components of a successful recovery plan. Stimulant addiction destroys people’s abilities to feel pleasure. With stimulants drug rehab, individuals learn once again how to enjoy love lives, friendships and hobbies… all of the things that were hindered or ruined by stimulant addiction.

Adderall Addiction: Legal Stimulants Are a Danger Too

Sometimes, the legal stimulants present as much of a problem as the illegal ones, mainly because there is no stigma attached to them. Adderall is a classic example. The phrase “Adderall addiction” wouldn’t get much of a reaction from most people… certainly not in the same way that “cocaine addiction” would. Yet, the danger is there.

Used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Adderall speeds up and enhances select bodily processes. When taken as prescribed by a doctor, it can be very effective. Unfortunately, it is easily abused. Here are some of the ways people abuse Adderall:


Taking more Adderall than prescribed

Snorting the drug rather than ingesting it

Taking the drug for nonmedical reasons, such as to stay awake longer

Taking Adderall more frequently than prescribed

Using someone else’s prescription, possibly in addition to your own

Buying the drug illegally purely for recreational use

Signs and Symptoms of Adderall Addiction

Typical symptoms of Adderall abuse include:


Dry mouth


Digestive issues

Diarrhea or constipation



Fast heartbeat

Difficulty sleeping

Changes in sex drive

As the addiction accelerates, so too do the symptoms, which include:

Slurred or slow speech

Limb weakness or numbness


Chest pain

Blurred vision

Hives or rash

Blistering, peeling skin

Aggressive behavior


Should you notice any of these symptoms, you cannot put off stimulants drug rehab treatment any longer.

Adderall Overdose: Identifying the Symptoms

Even though Adderall is a legal substance, an Adderall overdose can bring about dangerous or even fatal consequences. It’s best to deal with addiction at a stimulants drug rehab center before an overdose occurs. Symptoms of an Adderall overdose include:


Uncontrollable tremors

Panic attacks


Cardiac rhythm abnormalities

Profound confusion or delirium

Loss of consciousness


Adderall Abuse: What are the Effects?

Even before an overdose occurs, there are plenty of warning signs. Using Adderall over the long term brings about the following conditions:

Tolerance: users need more of the drug to get the same feeling of euphoria.

Dependence: At this point, your body can no longer function properly without the presence of the drug in your body’s system.

Addiction: Users display an obsessive drug-seeking behavior in which all of their attention is focused on obtaining more of the drug. With the drug altering brain pathways, negative consequences are no longer noticed.

Taken as prescribed by a doctor, Adderall presents little danger of harm to the body. By taking it illegally in higher-than-prescribed doses, users are at high risk of harming their bodies, particularly the cardiovascular system. Like any stimulant, Adderall can do three very dangerous things to your body:

Increase your blood pressure

Increase your heart rate

Elevate your body temperature to dangerous levels

These symptoms are closely linked with serious medical episodes like stroke and cardiac arrest. It’s yet another reason why individuals need to seek stimulants drug rehab.

Straight Adderall addiction is bad enough but the situation becomes even more dangerous when the substance is mixed with substances like alcohol. Adderall can mask the effects of inebriation, causing some people to drink far more than they would normally, which puts users at risk of alcohol poisoning (and death). Fortunately, stimulants drug rehab treatment can keep a tragedy like this from happening.

Stimulants Drug Rehab Treatment For Adderall Abuse

Beating addiction without professional help is problematic and in some cases even dangerous. A stimulants drug rehab center is an effective way to overcome an Adderall addiction.

The changes that take place in the brain as a result of addiction make ending addiction difficult. The brain actively reinforces drug behavior, so trying to quit essentially puts users at war with themselves. When patients stop using, their brains are thrown out of balance because the substance is no longer there. This leads to withdrawal symptoms like depression and insomnia.


Inpatient and outpatient treatment services are available at a reputable stimulants drug rehab center to help people struggling with stimulant addiction. What type of treatment option to be used depends on many factors, such as the length of time users have been addicted and how much of the substance they abuse. Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs offer an effective combination of individual and group therapy to treat addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions that could affect recovery.

Remember that stimulants drug rehab facilities can vary considerably. You’ll want answers from a facility to questions such as:

If inpatient, How long will the stay will be?

What is the facility’s treatment philosophy?

Which kinds of treatment are provided? Are they evidence-based?

What amenities are offered?

Is the center accredited?

Teen Adderall Abuse and the Need For Stimulants Drug Rehab

Adderall abuse is commonly associated with high school and college students… and with good reason. Today, students are under more pressure than ever to get excellent grades. A tough class schedule and mounting homework causes many students to seek a short cut to more energy and concentration. Adderall is often exactly what they’re looking for. The numbers certainly verify the degree of abuse. In 2015, it was reported that approximately 2.5 million young adults between 18 and 25 abused amphetamines like Adderall. For young people, stimulants drug rehab is necessary for a healthy life. Without stimulants drug rehab, many young people are headed for trouble.

Stimulant addiction is easier to stop from happening when parents maintain a clear line of communication with their children. Talk to your children about addiction and how easily it can happen, even to “good” kids. Be sure to emphasize the fact that just because a drug is legal, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to abuse. And if the unthinkable does happen and your child develops an addiction, it’s your job to seek stimulants drug rehab treatment as soon as possible before something tragic happens.

Case Study: Why Stimulants Drug Rehab is Necessary

In their various forms, stimulants can be dangerous. Even ones designed to address legitimate medical conditions could cause damaging consequences. It’s important to learn the benefits of seeking stimulants drug rehab before it’s too late. In the following case study, “Walter” wasn’t so lucky. He was the perfect candidate for stimulants drug rehab. Yet, he never got there.

24% of Young Adults Abuse Prescription Stimulants to Improve Job Performance

Walter was a young manager in a rising company. While he loved the pressure-packed days, his job was becoming stressful. Midway through a busy Monday, he felt himself starting to crash. No matter how much coffee he drank, he had trouble maintaining focus and energy. One of his friends suggested he try Adderall XR.

How Stimulants Work

In the beginning, Walter felt like Adderall boosted his performance. Naturally resourceful, he looked up information on how to fake his way to getting a prescription. The research helped him secure a prescription, and Walter was off and running. Within the first few weeks of initially taking the drug, Walter was complimented by his bosses for his high energy and enthusiasm. A big raise was definitely going to happen for him soon.

The Impact of an Increased Tolerance

It started taking more and more Adderall for Walter to feel the effects. Once friendly and outgoing, friends began to notice that Walter was always on edge. He also began to lose a significant amount of weight. Concerned one day when she found his pills, his girlfriend recommended that he try attending a stimulants drug rehab facility. Her inquiry led to an intense argument, and their relationship ended. At that moment, Walter decided that stimulants drug rehab treatment wasn’t for him.

The Consequences of Stimulants Drug Addiction

Even though Walter knew that Adderall consumption was taking over his life, by this point he couldn’t stop. One particularly stressful day at work, Walter lost track of how many he took and wound up taking far too much. While on the phone with a client, he began shaking violently and felt a sharp pain in his chest. He collapsed in the middle of the trading floor and never woke up.

The Benefits of Stimulants Drug Rehab

Unfortunately, Walter never made it to a stimulants drug rehab facility to address his addiction. Don’t let your story end the same way. If you’re struggling with stimulant abuse or addiction, get the stimulants drug rehab treatment you need today.

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