3 Common Holiday Addiction Triggers

Holidays should be happy occasions that provide an opportunity for friends and family to get together and enjoy the season. However, these gatherings can pose a risk of relapse due to addiction triggers such as stress and increased access to drugs and alcohol. If you are recovering from addiction, you surely know that treatment does not end after leaving an addiction recovery center. Holiday addiction triggers can lead you to relapse, forcing you to restart your recovery journey. Understanding your triggers plays a major part in maintaining your sobriety during the holiday.

3 Common Holiday Addiction Triggers

Although every person in recovery has different triggers that will lead to a relapse, the most common holiday addiction triggers include:

1. Attending Holiday Parties with Alcohol

It is common for holiday parties to include alcohol for merrymaking. Some parties include themes of letting loose, which can lead to excessive binge drinking. If you are new to recovery, such parties can place you at a high risk of relapse. During the holiday, you may be anxious or upset about the need to remain sober. Attending such parties without a strong support team can be destructive to your recovery efforts. Always remember that your health and sobriety is more valuable than one night of binge drinking.

2. Family Stressors

During the holidays, family visits can be a source of anxiety for many people, whether they are in a recovery program or not. Planning and hosting family gatherings require a lot of energy and can cause you to feel overwhelmed. This family togetherness also provides an opportunity for people to catch up and ask what you have been up to the entire year. If this involved dedicating your time and effort to addiction treatment, it could stir an awkward conversation.

Family gatherings can trigger memories of unpleasant encounters with toxic relatives. Some relatives also tend to elicit strong emotions during family gatherings leading to unnecessary fights and arguments. While these events may be common, they may be stressful enough to trigger drugs or alcohol cravings.

3. Access to Alcohol and Other Substances

During recovery, it is essential to maintain an alcohol and drug-free home. However, this may not be easy during the holidays. Due to the holiday parties and gatherings, alcohol is often readily accessible and enjoyed by the people around you. This accessibility to alcohol and other substances can be tempting. Being around alcohol, drunk people, and the party atmosphere is enough to trigger a relapse.

How Can You Avoid Holiday Addiction Triggers?

Plan your holiday in advance. You can enjoy a sober holiday, especially if you are new to recovery. Planning will help you navigate different situations before they affect you. Remember to include your support network in your plan and let them know what you expect from them.

Ensure you make yourself accountable by setting rules such as leaving events early if you feel overwhelmed. You can also limit your commitment level since you do not have to attend every holiday gathering.

Be sure to have a strong support system. Besides bringing a sober companion to events, you can also join a support group in your area. You can also join a community housing program that helps people recovering from addiction to prevent addiction triggers and maintain sobriety.

Learn How to Prevent Holiday Addiction Triggers at Amatus Recovery Centers

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